Remote Asset Management

It is vital for companies with remote assets to enable monitoring, control and remote data collection capabilities. We provide companies integrated remote monitoring and O&M services to increase operational efficiency, improve customer service, reduce data-collection costs and quickly gather critical information that provides insight to company decision-makers.

It improves operational management by providing in-time notifications for exceptions or failures, replenishments info, automated schedules for maintenance & replacement, tamper detection, remote access and scheduling of data reading & transmission.

It enables quick information processing, ability to analyze data from various remote assets and share it with the operations & maintenance workforce, management and customers. The solution utilizes various communication mediums such as GSM, GPRS, PSTN, Communication satellites, Bluetooth and Radio frequency to enable data exchange. The data is provided on- demand or on a periodic basis.

Based on user feedback, industry trends and changing business requirements we continually look to enhance our offering and extend competitive edge through our Remote Asset Management Services. The services are applicable to organizations managing containers, trailers, heavy & infrastructure equipment such as Cranes, Earth movers, Construction equipments, On-Shore/ Off-Shore rigs and fixed assets such as Telecom Towers, Oil & Gas pipelines.

Heavy & Infrastructure equipments management enables worldwide GPS/ Communications satellite based 24/7/365 Tracking, asset utilization, productivity, safety and security anywhere in the world. It offers maintenance schedules with alerts, Alerts including Boundary, Geofence Violation & Idle times, Bread-crumbing, Starter Enable/Disable, Rapid Theft Recovery, Battery Status and Alert Notifications, Stop Durations with Landmarks, Hours of Use and On-board diagnostics.