Personnel Security Management

It is designed for individuals who are susceptible to threats. Families and Individuals can be "Location Aware" and "Stay Connected" via the Personal Safety and Security Services.

Children, spouse, loved ones, infirm, elder members of the family at times need to counter emergency situations and security challenges that life throws up wherever, whenever it occurs. Being able to connect with loved ones or authorities can alter the outcome.

Organizations can be better prepared to deal with and respond to situations their lone workers or employees may encounter in the line of duty or personal time.

It can give you peace of mind by having the ability to track on demand, always track, know the whereabouts, get notified, enable emergency response and be able to call your loved ones or employees from anywhere, anytime.

You can use it to protect your vehicle (Car, Bike etc) against theft by being notified about un-authorized vehicle movement.

Our portable equipment is stylish, lightweight GPS/GSM/GPRS based real time tracking device (very similar to your mobile phone) that can be carried on your person, in your handbag, carry case, back-pack or anywhere in your car or bike.

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Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice