Mobile Workforce Management

Employees are organizations most valuable assets. It is vital for your organization to manage the mobile workforce in this era of mobility.

We leverage a combination of GPS, GSM and GIS technologies and provide our customers a competitive edge in their sales, distribution and service operations. We enable them to be prepared, deal with and respond to emergency situations their mobile workforce may encounter in the line of duty or personal time. Stay connected with your mobile workforce via voice and data in order to optimise business processes, increase operational efficiency. Benefits includes Workforce & Asset Management, Overall Cost Savings, Management Information and Enhanced Customer Service.

Based on your feedback, industry trends and changing business requirements we continually look to enhance our offering and extend your competitive edge through our Mobile Workforce Management Services.

Our portable equipment is stylish, lightweight GPS/GSM/GPRS based real time tracking device (very similar to your mobile phone) that can be carried by your workforce on their person or anywhere in their vehicle.

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Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice