Mobile Asset Management

Increasing operational efficiency and reliability, Ability to instantly communicate via voice and data with remote assets, Providing safety aid to drivers and vehicles are vital to organizations that utilize vehicle fleets - one of your most valuable assets.

"iSense" - A web based solution built to enhance your competitive edge. A modular approach to,

  Track your remote assets i.e. Vehicles, Container and Trailers

  Dispatch management for Taxis, Courier and Logistics

  Off board Routing

  Fleet management

  Consignment management

Technology Overview

The components that constitute "iSense" Mobile Asset Management Solution are the iSense platform, In-vehicle hardware device, communication network and web based business solutions.

iSense Platform - It is a Generic Platform focused on business solutions. It encapsulates layers for communication, database, GIS and web service. The communication module manages the sending and receives data between the device (over GSM, GPRS or COMSAT network) and the database. It is also used for push SMS services. The web service manages the user request to represent, monitor, control or manipulate data real-time.

In-Vehicle Device - The major components of the device include a GPS receiver, Communication module, touch screen, processor & memory and power management with back up battery. The communication modules can be either/ or a GSM module that supports GPRS and SMS modes of communication and optionally a communication satellite transceiver for data communication. The device firmware provides the intelligence to enable monitoring and control functions. The device picks up the signal from the GPS satellites and calculates its position, time and velocity. It transmits the relevant data at pre-determined intervals.

Communication Network - The device receives and transmits data through any public GSM network or via a communication satellite network depending on the device capability. The GSM networks support data transmission over GPRS and SMS while the COMSAT allows for voice and data transfer worldwide through its network.

Business Solutions - Applications with a focus on broad based functionality required by a majority of specific industries operating/ utilizing fleets. The suite of solutions provide a modular, powerful, completely integrated, flexible and web based solution that spans tracking, dispatching, scheduling & routing, fleet management, cargo and consignment services.

Service Functions

Tracking - The fleet operator's users log onto the web based Vehicle Tracking Application to remotely track and view the real-time position/location information on GIS maps, receive alerts & notifications on exceptions, manage drivers & vehicles and generate MIS reports.

Dispatch - This integrates the fleet operators call center (IVR and Local exchange) with the booking and dispatch. In combination with the tracking module the company users will be able to automatically track, monitor and accept bookings & dispatch best suited taxi.

Schedule and Route - iSense integrates to third party route optimization software designed to effectively solve complex routing and scheduling. This allows users to automate process to match best suited vehicles with cargos, schedule sequence of waypoints, best route and Off-board routing. BPO's, Logistics, Distribution companies can use this to schedule, route, track and dispatch mobile assets. For BPO's the features include roster, automated route generation, split routing, back-to-back vehicle allocation, map editor, travel time, trip sheet, vehicle audit and activity logging.

Fleet Management - iSense integrates to third party application derived from industry standard practices that automates process of spare parts management, workshop & services operations including scheduling & tracking jobs, procurement & inventory modules and vehicle dealership management including pre-sales, booking, rental agreements, incident and contract management.

Cargo and Consignment Management - This focuses on managing Consignment accounts, tracking, and MIS. This encompasses customer account and user management, consigner/consignee management, collections & delivery information, expected time of delivery and proof of delivery.


Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice